du 5 juin 2023 au 9 juin 2023
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Publié le 19 mai 2022 Mis à jour le 19 mai 2022

Conference "Chemical Processes in Solar-type Star-Forming Regions"

In the context of the AstroChemical Origins (ACO; http://www.aco-itn.org) ITN H2020 project, the DOC ERC (https://doc.osug.fr/), the SIRC ANR (https://francoisdulieu.wixsite.com/sirc-anr) and the ERC project QuantumGrain (https://www.quantumgrain.eu/), we are organizing a conference entitled "Chemical Processes in Solar-type Star-Forming Regions", in Toulouse, France, 5-9th of June 2023.

The aim is to gather together the actors of the intrinsically interdisciplinary topics present in ACO: instrumentalists, astronomers, chemists, and modelers. The goal of the conference is to review and discuss the recent huge progress in the four areas and, hopefully, open new future avenues.

The meeting will consist of invited reviews, invited and contributed talks, and posters, in 4 sessions which will cover the astronomical observations and modeling, as well as laboratory experiments and theoretical computations:

  1. Interstellar ices,
  2. Molecular complexity,
  3. Molecular fractionation,
  4. Cometary ices.

Confirmed invited speakers: Alexander Tielens (NL), Piero Ugliengo (IT), Eleonora Bianchi (DE), Fabrice Duvernay (FR), Eva Wirström (SE), Oba Yashiro (JP), Stephanie Cazaux (NL).
The website (https://aco-conference2023.sciencesconf.org/) will be opened for registration on September 1st, 2022.
Please put the dates in your agenda!

The Scientific Organising Committee:

  • Charlotte Vastel (chair)
  • François Dulieu (co-chair)
  • Nadia Balucani
  • Claudio Codella
  • Cecilia Ceccarelli
  • Albert Rimola
  • Patrice Theulé
  • Serena Viti